Tramadol is the most common and effective painkiller. It is prescribed in order to treat the pain syndrome of the average severity which is caused by traumatic, vascular or inflammatory diseases. It is used for conferring relief during the light surgeries. It is also prescribed during the painful laboratory and clinic diagnostics.

How to take tramadol

The tablets of tramadol can be availed in the form of 50mg tablets. They are also available in the dosage of 250, 100, 200 and 150 mg. The schedule of dosage is different for every patient in accordance with the general analyze. It is also dependent on the characteristics of pain syndrome. For conferring relief to patients suffering from middle severity, the prescribed dosage is 50mg in every 6 hours. The tablet of prolonged action comprises of 200mg or 100mg of the active component of the table can be used in every 12 hours. The drug is primarily for the patients who are having the age of more than 14 years. 400mg is the maximum dose that is allowed on a daily basis. However, in exceptional cases, patients are allowed to go for higher dosages. It is however allowed under the supervision of a physician. Usage of tablets post to the meals helps in the reduction of stomach upset as well as unpleasant side reactions of some digestion organs.


It is forbidden to intake the medicine longer than indicated by the physician. In case the drug is used for a prolonged period of time, there are chances of occurrence of the addiction to the drug. It is forbidden to consume the medicine during pregnancy. Women who are breastfeeding should refrain from taking this medicine owing to the presence of active medical components as they may have a negative impact on the development of child or fetus. Children who are less than 14 years old should refrain from taking this medicine owing to the chances of development of physical addiction during the child age. In case a patient is suffering from narcotic poisoning, alcohol addiction, the CNS acute disorders, CNS oppression, epilepsy, a rise of the intracranial pressure, you should refrain from taking this drug. The prolonged use of this drug along with other types of psychoactive medicines may lead to the appearance of different side effects. In case you take the medicines, it is essential to find out the medical reaction prior to using the drug.

Side effects

The tramadol drug should be used with special caution as due to the non-observance of the prolonged usage of this drug, side effects may occur. Some of the common side effects are depression, deferred response, sleep disorder, stimulation of the CNS which include hallucinations, spasms, nervousness, tremor, anxiety, hives, stomach upset, vomiting, diarrhea, attacks of hypertension, tachycardia, etc.

If you are suffering from chronic disease, tramadol is the most recommended option in order to procure relief from severe pain. However, you should never take the medicine without the prescription of the doctor.

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