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Trade name – Xanax, Xanor

Xanax is an antidepressant medication of benzodiazepine group. Xanax is popular for the short term effect of creating euphoric feeling. It was introduced in mid-1970s. It is prescribed at higher rates than other benzos class such as Ativan and Klonopin. Because it start acting quickly after a person takes it. And the desired effect of the drug will show its effect within an hour after taking it. This Xanax is very popular among person suffering from anxiety disorders because of its rapidly – occurring desired effects. The person who are using this medicine can calm down their anxiety and panic disorders and make themselves feel relaxed. Xanax is not as strong as other opioids but it is very effective in creating a euphoric feelings. You can buy Xanax online also.

Xanax is not good for health. It has so many so many side effects….such as

1. concentration problems
2. hallucinations
3. slurred speech
4. urinary retention
5. muscle weakness
6. skin rash
7. respiratory depression
8. dry mouth
9. dizziness
10. suicide
11. memory problems
12. stomach problems
13. sleep disturbances
14. yellowing of the skin and eyes
15. seizures


Maximum dosage – 4 mg daily
Daily normal dosage – 0.25 – 0.5 mg 3-4 times daily


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