Once you’ve completed the checkout process, we will provide you with an associated Bitcoin address and QR code that is unique to your order. You can scan QR code or copy/paste payment address into your wallet within 24 hours and submit the necessary Bitcoins to that address to pay for your order. Once the block chain confirms the transaction, your order will be processed.

You can verify if the payment has been received in REAL TIME by keeping the bitcoin checkout page open in case you’re making immediate transfer OR in case you decide to transfer later, by returning within 24 hours to the last bitcoin checkout page.

Do not keep or reuse the Bitcoin address or QR code we give you for future orders. The address and QR code are unique and you will receive new ones with every new order you place. The only reason to perform multiple transactions is if you are paying from more than one source or you only made a partial payment the first time.

Please make sure that Bitcoin (BTC) will be sent, not BCH (Bitcoin Cash) or any other alike cryptocurrency, otherwise payment will be lost.

Press “Confirm Order” to get Bitcoin parameters.