Consumption of Tramadol with Alcohol is good or not?

Consumption of Tramadol with Alcohol is good or not?

Tramadol and Alcohol in words, mat sound that they work very well together. But it is a deadly combination that leads to only conflicting results. Tramadol is prescribed by doctors for many reasons such as painkiller, anxiety, depressant, and the list goes on. Alcohol is also consumed for various reasons like…. mood refresher, relief from anxiety and fighting with insomnia. Even though mixing Tramadol and Alcohol causes severe problems, many of them enjoy mixing it.

As you know, Tramadol is an opiate painkiller which is prescribed by a doctor when normal painkiller does not work well in relieving pain. Tramadol works on the central nervous system and affects the pain receptor in the brain, inhibit the person’s sensation of pain, just like morphine because it contains one-tenth of morphine also. Alcohol after consuming also acts on the central nervous system and affects the brain and slows down it’s working capacity.

Possibly you are a social drinker, means who drink once or twice a week or possibly you drink regularly. Whichever category you are in, if you received recently a prescription for tramadol, your doctor already informed you not to drink alcohol while taking this medicine.

Do you know what is the risk of combining Tramadol and Alcohol? A person drinking alcohol with tramadol will experience life-threatening side effects. Many times it causes respiratory depression which means difficulty in breathing and also causes low blood pressure or lack of oxygen in the body which may stop the functioning of the heart also. When anyone takes tramadol with alcohol feels that the effect of alcohol is more outstanding. But they don’t know when they combine alcohol with opioid drugs the changes occur in the brain decrease the firing rates of the neurons in the brain that control the automatic life-sustaining functions. Overall suppression of these neurons decreases the rate of the automatic functions of the organs in the body. All of this sometimes leads to organ damage. This deadly combination of Tramadol and Alcohol severely affects the Central Nervous System Also lead to stop the functioning of the brain.

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